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After-sales Service
After-sales Service
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Service commitment

1- Users of domestic supporting companies or groups: arrive at the scene within 1 working day after receiving the tire failure information, and submit the identification results and photos to the supporting companies by fax within 5 to 7 days. Under special circumstances, the service will be provided according to the requirements of the supporting companies or departments.

2-Users of foreign tire: give a response within 1 working day after receiving the Foreign Tire Fault Information Feedback Template, and reply the identification results, technical consultation and maintenance suggestions within 3 working days. The supply of spare parts is determined according to the availability of local agent.

3-Replacement market: Level 1 agent will provide the service on time.

Service mode



SUPPORTING MARKET:According to the needs of supporting companies or users, satisfy the demands of the "users, sellers, suppliers" and other parties.

REPLACEMENT MARKET:According to the principle of "the seller is responsible for own sold product" stated in the Operating Specification for Tire Distribution Enterprises, our company implements the “monthly clearing” service for the primary dealers who provide the service to the secondary and terminal dealers.

GROUP USERS WITH INTERMEDIATE SERVICE PROVIDERS:the service is provided by the intermediate providers as per the service form of replacement market. Or, the old parts are collected, and our company will not provide the on-site service.



The supporting companies / intermediate service providers provides pictures or videos of vehicle model, use site, residual pattern, damage characteristics, etc. (refer to the attachment Foreign Tire Fault Information Feedback Template), and the Technical Service Department of Guizhou Tyre will provide fault identification, technical consultation, maintenance suggestions and  accessories services.


Service hotline
Guizhou Tyre has established a nationwide sales network, and has primary agents in provincial capitals and key cities, and secondary agents in cities, counties and key townships.